Financial Analysis

1. Crop Profit Center
  • This tool is very user friendly and will help you determine and understand your cost of production and lead you to your breakeven numbers for yield and price. Click here to give it a try.
2. Scenario analysis for future growth opportunities (ie. New farm to cash rent, 50/50 lease, or purchase).
     – Understand the financial risk of a new farm before you act.
3. Future Projections with Breakeven calculator – Next Year, 3 years, 5 years, etc.

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Specialty Event & Motorsports Insurance
1. Pulling Vehicle Insurance
2. Adverse weather insurance for outdoor events
3. County fair insurance
4. Prize indemnity insurance (contingency)
Payroll & Benefit Providers
1. PEO service agreement with MBA – Payroll service
2. Healthcare plans through the top providers in the country with excellent plans and rates.
3. Retirement plans – (412e3 plans for aggressive retirement planning, only 3% of financial planners are licensed to sell this plan).
4. Worker’s Compensation providers with competitive rates.
5. Human Resource department for hiring and firing of employees.
6. Employee training, handbooks, etc.

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